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ProfiCAD 12.3.2 PC Software

ProfiCAD 12.3.2

ProfiCAD 12.3.2 Introduction

ProfiCAD 12.3.2 is an all-rounded powerful software application that has been specifically developed for electrical schematics design and documentation. It provides all round and comprehensive tools and functions custom-tailored to completely suit an electrical professional in all spheres of his working under any specified field. Whether you are developing intricate industrial control systems, wiring diagrams for buildings, or circuit schematics for electronic projects, ProfiCAD 12.3.2 equips you with the tools to bring your ideas into a precise, efficient reality.

ProfiCAD 12.3.2 PC Software
ProfiCAD 12.3.2 PC Software


ProfiCAD 12.3.2 Description

it is designed for enabling the whole process of electrical design from the general concept to final realisation of documentation. User-friendly, with an extended library of symbols, the software lets users create professional schematics fast and accurate. It is rich in functionality and features, as it offers automatic wire numbering, smart snapping tools, and real-time error checking to help ensure your designs are void of errors and conform to industry standards.

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The tools for sharing projects and working on them as a team, making it possible for several users to operate in the same project at the same time, are also available in ProfiCAD 12.3.2. It also provides support for cooperation from the cloud or local files, and in the event a project is shared to work on it by other colleagues or from other devices, it makes sure that all are on the same page.

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ProfiCAD 12.3.2 Overview

it lies a great number of features for making electrical schematics, circuit diagrams, and technical drawings. Intuitively drag and drop, it allows for adding components and wired them together with little hassle in arrangements on the canvas. The software is full of a huge library of symbols, including standard electrical symbols, relays, switches, motors, and even programmable logic controllers, which makes finding the right components for the design at hand a breeze.

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it offers advanced features in automatic BOM (Bill of Materials) generation, cross-referencing, and possibilities of customization for title blocks to be used in documentation. Capability to export designs in different files such as PDF, DXF and DWG, that is compatible with other CAD software and is able to integrate easily within the existing workflow.

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ProfiCAD 12.3.2 Software Features


1. User Friendly Interface
2. Huge Library of Symbols
it provides an easy-to-use interface that will help both inexperience and advanced users draw really professional looking electrical schemes.

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3. Automatic Wire Numbering:

The software has a large library of electrical symbols, parts, and devices that the users can easily access and place in their diagrams.
it auto-numbers the wires, as it is easier to trace the interconnections and locate exactly at which point a possible error may have occurred.

4. Real-time Error Check

The software also does real-time error checks and informs the user in the situation of a wrong overlapping of wires, connection of points, or mismatching of devices.

5. Collaboration Facilities
it enables teamwork, since several users can work on the same project in collaboration, sharing their designs live.

6. Cloud Integration
The software also integrates well with cloud services, hence it is possible to save and share projects as well as work is facilitated real-time with other devices.

7. Export Options
it facilitates export in various formats, which include PDF, DXF, and DWG, which allow the input of the design in different CAD software tools and integration smoothly with the workflows in place.

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ProfiCAD 12.3.2 System Requirements

The system requirements for ProfiCAD 12.3.2:
Operating System
Windows 10
The software needs to have at least 2GB of RAM and 500MB of available disk space for installation. The monitor can have a resolution of 1024×768, or higher.

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